Saturday, April 30, 2011

Google Talk video chat coming to Android 2.3!

There is great news in the Android world this week.  On Thursday, Google announced their plans of bringing a video and voice chat service to the Android system.  This news all comes with a slight problem, however.

They are moving fast through there plans and plan to have an over-the-air software update in the next few weeks.  Initially, the update is planed for the Nexus S smartphone and they plan to release it to more Android phones in the near future and an example of what this will look like appears on the right.  As far as I know, the service will be "free" if you have an unlimited data plan.

The service is planned to run on wi-fi along with 3g and 4g data networks but the problem is that it is currently only being installed on the newest version of Android which is known as Gingerbread(2.3).  There are not too many details on how it will work or specifics on data usage at this time

Most of the current popular Android phones currently run Android 2.2, also known as Froyo, and even a few new and soon to be released phones that are being released still run the "old" version of Android.  Google says that most of these phones are just not physically capable of running the new version of Android and says that the video chat update will not occur on these phones.  This is bad news for the thousands of people who currently own these phones.

Personally, I find this update very interesting and I think the feature is great, however, I do not believe that I would use the video chat at all.  I hardly talk on the phone with people and would rather send text messages, that is just me.  If anyone has any thoughts about Google Talk voice chat, feel free to comment below.


  1. The design of the chat service looks quite good. I think they did a nice work!

  2. nice video chat would be awesome!

  3. I agree with you in that I don't think I would use video chat as I'm sure some people would get stressed out seeing me sitting at home in my underwear :\

  4. The OS is only getting better and better.

  5. Been waiting on this for my Samsung Galaxy S for a long time