Friday, April 22, 2011

Here we go! Dillo Hills!

Alright, I have been thinking of something for awhile that I think people would find interesting and that I would also.  I decided that, since I have a Droid by Motorola, I would share my opinions, the latest news, and other interesting Android related information such as apps, deals, and new products.  I will be sure to sneak in some other information that I find interesting.  I hope that I can keep this blog informative but still informal.


The first app I decided to review today is Dillo Hills.  If you have never heard of it, Dillo Hills is an Android developers version of Tiny Wings, which is currently out in the Apple Appstore and many, including myself, wondered if it will ever get around to the Android Market.  I researched Dillo Hills(funny name too, I might add) and it is.. interesting.  If you do not know, in Dillo Hills, you play as what appears to be a fish but is actually an armadillo(Dillo Hills, who would have thought) The goal is to get as far as you can on a number of very hill island before you "run out of happiness." I think this Dillo smoked the wrong stuff thus morning*cough*. Anyways, you press anywhere on the screen to increase your weight(or gravity) and you go down, attemping to land on the right side of a hill where you consequently ramp off the other side of the hill. You earn points by chaining together ramps and collecting gems, among other things.

My personal opinion on this app is that it is rather poor.  The game seems a little laggy and choppy, definately not as smooth as Tiny Wings is on the Ipod, and also puts a hurting on the battery.  Now, I have the original Droid by Motorola and yes, I need an upgrade, but it is alittle disappointing.  Still, I've heard some pretty good reviews from people with faster phones such as the Droid 2 Global and the HTC Thunderbolt.  I'm sure in the future, updates will increase this apps quality and ability to run smoothly.

The app currently costs $0.99 in the Android market and it also contains a LITE version at no cost with the exception of ads.  I would not buy the guy right now but I would suggest trying out the LITE version.  My final verdict is that if they can improve the game play to make it smoother, this game could be one of my favorites. This app currently gets a 3.5 out of 5 stars but if any new updates come out, I'll be sure to post so follow if you'd like to hear more. Below are some random screenshots for your entertainment.

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