Saturday, April 23, 2011

Horrible Refurbished Phones from Verizon

As I mentioned in the previous HTC Thunderbolt review, I had recently gone to the Verizon store to get my Motorola Droid replaced, yet again.  This is the second time that I have gotten it replaced.  As many of you may know, though details are still cloudy, the original Droids were released with seemingly two separate keyboards.  The reasons are still unknown as to why this is but most theories suggest two different manufacturers or a change in model as one was found to be defective.  There is really no certain reason due to the fact that each were being sold at the same time and model number and manufacture date don't seem to correspond to either.  Anyways, the majority of phones, probably 90%, were built with a flat keyboard while a small number were built with a raised keyboard. I will put pictures of each at the end of this post so you know what I am talking about.  Many people who had the flat complained and wanted the "new" raised version because they thought it was an upgrade(most of these people complained of difficulty placing the keys and believed that the raised version provided better typing, which it did for the most part).

I was one of the few to get the raised and I thought it was pretty neat for the longest time until keys started falling off.  Yeah, they literally fall off. I'm not sure what caused it but they started to curl and the glue failed.  My currently theory is that the heat from the phone ruined the glue. It is also possible that water caused this as I have used the keyboard before with wet hands.  I went to the store and they quickly saw my problem as it was obvious but what surprised me was that the many did not even check for water damage on any of the indicators.  That is normally the first thing they do, just to make sure that they can't blame water for any and all problems.

I researched a lot before and only read bad reviews from other people on their refurbished phones from Verizon, at which point I became worried but my new phone arrived in a few days and I was pleasantly surprised. It seemed rather perfect although I did notice that I now owned a flat keyboard phone.  It's no problem. In fact, I like it before, the buttons are easier to mess up on but at least your fingers don't get sore from having to jam down the keys like it was with the raised.

The Raised Keyboard
Oh yeah, I tried to take a picture and it won't auto focus.. bummer and for me, that constitutes a new phone.  I take many pictures with my phone and I'd like them to be of a pretty good quality, at least not blurry as hell. So here I am, phone-less for a few days and hoping for a good phone.  I have read places that if the refurbished phones are not perfect after three times, you are legally entitled to a brand new phone.  I don't have this verified but it seems like a legit law.

The photos on the left are examples of each keyboard

The Flat Keyboard
I posted this just to see what any readers may think. I only have experience with Verizon but I'd like to hear from others. What are your experiences with your phone companies? My mom had to get her phone replaced twice just as mine will be. She's not a technology person but she can tell when her A key is missing from her keyboard(her "refurbished" phone literally came without an A key).  A close friend had to pay Sprint $40 for a new phone after his screen stopped working and they blamed him for downloading a virus type thing which he knows he did not.  His $40 replacement broke soon after and he went through hell to get another free replacement.  So comment, tell me what you think and I hope you liked this blog post.  Expect a new review soon.

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